States not mandating e verify

06-Dec-2017 13:08

that use E-Verify and for good reason - the background verification system is highly effective at determining whether people are authorized to work in the U. While E-Verify isn't mandatory in every state, it is certainly utilized by employers in a good many of them. Customs and Immigration services compiled data on just how many employers are taking advantage of E-Verify.

A MOU represents an agreement between the government and an employer regarding use of the program. In Georgia, public employers, contractors and subcontractors must use the background verification program. At 49,876 MOUs, Arizona falls far behind Georgia, which has the most by far.

For private companies, though, E-Verify is optional. Though Arizona has just over half as many MOUs as Georgia, E--Verify is mandatory for all employers there.

Just behind Arizona is the Golden State with 48,700.

A study commissioned by USCIS found that as of 2013, 86 percent of employers nationwide are using the E-Verify system.

Alabama is one of just two states in the top five that require all employers to use E-Verify.

Companies that don't comply with the E-Verify mandate face suspension of their businesses' licenses as punishment. In Missouri, there are state regulations concerning E-Verify, but all employers are not required to use the program. Punishments include business license suspension and disbarment from doing business in Missouri, according to Numbers USA. The other states to round out the top 10 list are South Carolina, Texas, Florida, North Carolina and New York.

Congress won’t pass immigration reform this year, but they will face a vote to reauthorize E-Verify, a government electronic enforcement program forced on some employers to screen new hires.

E-Verify’s goal is to “[turn] off the jobs magnet that attracts so many illegal immigrants to the United States,” as Rep. Smith is one of the program’s biggest supporters in Congress, trying to portray the program as “free, quick and easy to use.” Contrary to Smith’s claims, there is no such thing as a “free” government regulation.This is one of the factors that often leads judges to lower fines proposed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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