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“Sam is the happiest I’ve ever seen her, so I think she would be just fine if Ronnie is there,” Cortese tells Us. I don’t think his presence would bother her at all.” Though the cameras have yet to start rolling, the cast is fully committed to bringing their antics back to the small screen.

After sightings of the cast were reported to the Asbury Park Press, speculation of a spinoff show increased when the company that produced Jersey Shore, Bright Road Productions, had applied for a permit to film in Asbury, New Jersey, under the title “Reunion Roadtrip.” “We’re gonna do everything in our power to make it happen, even if certain people don’t want to be involved or if certain networks don’t want to pick it up,” Cortese says.

” I honestly don’t know if anyone has spoken to him about it,” Cortese explains.

“Right now we’re in a group chat with me, Pauly [Del Vecchio], Vinny [Guadagnino], Mike [Sorrentino], Nicole [Polizzi], Jenni [Farley] and Sam [Giancola].

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The next day he visited a local aquarium and was told the fish was in fact a pacu, known as the 'Ball Cutter', the pacu has reportedly been responsible for the deaths of two fishermen in the Pacific, who died from blood loss after the fish had bitten off their testicles.

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Known as a slightly gentler cousin of the piranha, the pacu is native to the Amazon in South America and Pacific Islands and the local aquarium Boylan brought the fish to said they were stunned to see it.

Stranger than fiction: The 2010 real-life spy drama inspired the new FX series The Americans, which follows two married undercover KGB agents Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, played by Matthew Rhys and Kerri Russell Like in the show, which follows married Russian sleeper agents Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, the Murphys - whose real names are Vladimir and Lydia Guryev - were part of a group of deep-cover Russian operatives who had been living in the U. for years under the guise of leading seemingly normal lives.

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