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Muslim scholars have called on immigrant Muslims to become involved in summoning non-Muslims to their faith.Indeed, the call on Muslim migrants to proselytize has become central in contemporary Islamic writings, not only in books, but also in sermons—many online on You Tube—and others on DVDs, and Islamic websites. Read More → 1812 Sezincote House and Gardens was ‘Indianised’ between 18 by the Cockerell brothers.Influenced by Mughal Emperor Akbar’s mix of Islamic and Hindu designs, it includes a central …Former pop star Cat Stevens gave up a highly successful career in music and converted to Islam.He has since opened several Muslim schools in the U. The history of Muslim-Christian relations is to some extent that of two civilizations championing a universalistic message and competing for world domination.When even a very small percentage of converts to Islam turn fanatic, there is a very real security risk, not only in the state of residence but also in every country with which that state enjoys reciprocal visa-free travel. The call to convert, which increased along with the number of permanent Muslim immigrants to Europe, is part of a larger framework of identity and duties constructed by Sunni religious scholars in the Arab world since the 1970s.

While the data do not suggest a massive wave of new believers, there are enough to matter.In February 1997 the Commission produced a consultation paper entitled …The conversion of Christians in Europe and the United States to Islam has become a matter of debate in some Western countries.Finished in 1877, the Arab Hall extantion is decorated with Leighton’s collection of 1,000 tiles … Read More → 1963 The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) is a national umbrella organisation aimed at supporting and representing Islamic societies at colleges and universities in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Read More → 1988 The Rushdie Affair, also known as, the Satanic Verses controversy.

Read More → William Henry Quilliam, was born in 1856, the son of a watchmaker, of Manx descent, brought up Wesleyan Methodist, later turning to Unitarianism and successful practised law in Liverpool. Read More → 1933 Lady Evelyn ‘Zainab’ Cobbold (1867 – 1963) became the first British-born woman to perform Hajj in 1933, aged 65. Written by Salman Rushdie, the Satanic Verses was published by Viking Penguin on 26 September 1988. Read More → In 1996 The Runnymede Trust, an independent research and social policy agency, established the Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia.He specialised in Semitic languages, with a passion for Arabic and a keen interest in mathematics. Read More → Cambridge University in 1632 and Oxford University in 1636 establish chairs (Professorships) of Arabic.