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Amendment of Bill of Lading How to amend shipper details in Bill of Lading? How to surrender HBL House Bill of Lading Surrender of Bill of Lading Some facts . What is the earliest date can be mentioned on Bill of Lading. Can shipping line predate Bill of Lading, What is the earliest date can be mentioned on Bill of Lading.What is Said to weigh in Bill of Lading What is Shipper Load, stow and count in Bill of Lading What is said to contain in Bill of Lading.CONSIGNOR IS UNABLE TO FURNISH 300% BG FOR 5 YEARS TO SHIIOPING COMPANY WHAT SHOULD WE SHOULD DO one of shipper have lost original all the bill of lading & shipment is under LC what is the most thing I should take care, apart from this on b/l consignee is bank notify party is someone else & shipper wants delivery for 2nd notify party.

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The shipper undertake to indemnify all consequences on lost of bill of lading against any claims, liability, losses charges, costs, fine, damages and other expenses inclusive of legal expenses in connection with anybody claiming delivery of goods as owner or assignee or as the holder of BL originally issued at the time of receipt of goods.Share your experience in obtaining a duplicate Bill of Lading against lost Original Bill of Lading. How to customs clear Cargo arrived in a port where in import license obtained for another port How to obtain waiver on detention/ demurrage on imported goods/container from Shipping company/CFS How to obtain Certificate of Food Safety and Standard Authority Harmonized System Code for waste, parings and scrap of rubber (other than hard rubber) and powders and granules obtain thereform STALE BILL OF LADING What does it mean?Difference between Clean On Board Bill of Lading and Shipped On Board Bill of Lading.How to obtain a duplicate BL, if original bill of lading lost? BL lost in courier transit, how to get a new bill of lading. As you know, Biill of lading is a negotiable instrument and document of title.

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BL mutilated how to get a duplicate bill of lading in lieu of original bill of lading?

Shipping carriers issue bill of lading on receipt of goods at load port after necessary export legal customs clearance procedures completed.