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We are also using for additional info when creating some of the players. Yes, it's been a long, grueling year and it's finally arrived. Games are getting harder and harder and voting is now over for choosing the "fan" based team that I'll play for the run to the cup!

We are doing our best to bring you the ultimate product for the final NHL game on the PS3 console. I will be using ONLY team Dinamo Riga from Week 17 on and will upload each game of the week from Riga vantage point.

Petersburg its second straight defeat, storming to a 6-4 victory at their packed home arena.

The Latvian team earned a comfortable 4-0 lead by the middle of the second period, before SKA surged back to make it a one-goal game again, scoring three times in the next 20 minutes.

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MOSCOW, December 9 (R-Sport) – Hockey team Dinamo Riga delivered league leader SKA St.

Riga remains fourth level on points with third-placed CSKA Moscow, who edged out Severstal Cherepovets 3-2.

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Meanwhile, fifth-placed Donbass Donetsk grabbed its seventh win in eight games, beating Sibir Novosibirsk 3-2.So watch, post comments and let us know what you the official Web site of the EA Kontinental Hockey League.SUBNOTE: If anyone reading this can convert NHL Legacy Roster files from PS3 to XBOX-360, please contact me via the forum and I will send you the final roster build to convert for the many fans that have patiently waited for this. I will simulate the other games they play during each week up until we get into the last month of games (which is April).

At that point I will be posting Pi P games of all remaining games and into the playoffs if the season is successful. Also, our new roster file for KHL Legacy has begun.

SKA was the first beta team created and a few demo games have been uploaded to our youtube channel for your viewing pleasure. On a side note to that, it's come to my attention that custom rosters cannot be exported in NHL 17 (that is just fuckin crap). After all the testing and corrections are done, it will be posted under our downloads page. If your confused, those are the names that the announcers use in game. However, that is no longer possible as choosing that option forces the game to choose "undefined" as an error code and removes the teams name and then it choose a random one that is ALWAYS inappropriate. After that happens, the name can no longer be changed in game and to correct that you have to literally make the team over again.