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He is best known for his appearances as Casper Rose in the Sky One drama Dream Team, Sean Slater in the BBC One soap opera East Enders, Chuck Hansen in Pacific Rim, and Macklyn Warlow in the sixth season of HBO's True Blood in 2013. In 2016, he played the orc warchief Orgrim Doomhammer in Warcraft and had the lead role in the U. Making his debut on the episode "", in the series' sixth season, Rob plays the role of a Faerie-vampire hybrid, and the second oldest supernatural being in the series, next to Lilith. A powerful hybrid, possessing both faerie and vampire abilities, Rob plays a recurring role through the series' fifth and sixth seasons. Both of his parents are from Polish Jewish/Russian Jewish families.Rob Kazinsky, born Robert John Appleby on November 18, 1983 in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, England, is a British model and actor who plays the role of Macklyn Warlow on the HBO original series True Blood. Being expelled from both his high school and college. Seeking to take possession of Sookie Stackhouse to turn and marry her, Rob meets an untimely demise in the Season 6 episode " Robert comes from Jewish descent. audiences for portraying Sean Slater, brother of Stacey, and son of Jean, a woman diagnosed with bipolar disorder, in the British soap opera, East Enders.

She often depends on Adam and is innately humorous and has a witty remark for every situation.

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