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“It’s a small piece,” she explained, “showing the reptile coiled around a branch, a tiny diamond hanging from its mouth.” She admitted she did not consider the gesture a “big deal and doubted that the Iraqis even made the connection,” but others noticed and asked why she had chosen to wear that particular pin.“I smiled,” the ambassador recalled, “and said that it was my way of sending a message.” For a meeting with Hussein himself one time, Albright thought she might put the formidable tyrant, whose name means “lion” in Arabic, in a “forthcoming mood” by wearing a bejeweled lion pin by Kenneth Jay Lane. At one point in her stint at the United Nations, she started the day wearing a pin of a bluebird soaring upward.Among her firsts is Albright’s designation as America’s first female secretary of state.A pin in her collection, “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” by an unknown designer, shows “the glass ceiling in its ideal condition: shattered,” says Albright.

During long, frustrating negotiations for Middle East peace, Albright often wore a dove, but when displeased with the pace of talks, she substituted a turtle, snail or, “when truly aggravated, a crab.” To deliver a “sharp message,” such as during extensive wrangling with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, she wore a bee, suggesting America’s will to strike back if necessary.For friendly meetings with South African leader Nelson Mandela, Albright favored multiple zebra pins.