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One of the most depressing examples of a totally screen-based childhood involved a ten-year-old in London. and if I get hungry I text down to my mum and she brings me up a pizza.'The change in children's play has happened in little more than a couple of decades.

The overweight, pasty-faced little lad told me: 'I sit in my room and I watch my telly and play on my computer . While many parents feel uneasy about all that screen-time, they haven't tackled it as they've been so busy keeping up with changes in their own lives.

It's getting out and about - running, climbing, making dens and so on - that allows little children to gain physical skills.

Playing 'let's pretend' is a creative process requiring lots of personal input.

One mother, it seems, had been unable to persuade her four-year-old to leave their tablet at home.

Explaining that he was having 'a tough time', she had allowed her son to take along his i Pad Mini.

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Real play gives children opportunities to learn how to cope with challenges for themselves.If the neural pathways that control social and imaginative responses aren't developed in early childhood, it's difficult to revive them later.