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I just, it's really nothing."Daisuke decided to take a chance and guess. Beneath his concealed joy, Daisuke felt a wave of guilt. His tongue entered the cavern that willingly parted for him, and a slick organ shyly met it, fumbling cutely, unsure of what to do.

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Sera su amor lo suficiente mente fuerte para sobre llevar el año?Sin saber que detrás de ese pedido se encontraba una historia de amor puro que solo Gii conocía. Takumi tiene un nuevo compañero de habitacion; Misu Arata, mientras que Gii tiene una habitación para él solo pues ha sido designado como uno de los jefes de dormitorio.Ésta situación hace que de alguna manera se distancie de Takumi, llegando a quebrar la relación que consideraban ya era sólida.He more than wanted to touch Kyousuke intimately; he wanted to hold him, protect him, look into his wide eyes every day. And I thought it would be wetter."Daisuke chuckled kindly. When it's more passionate, it can get pretty wet.""Do you think... ""Not for this movie, but if we do sequels, maybe.""Then..." Kyousuke clammed up and looked bashful."What? I won't be upset."Kyousuke tilted his head slightly up, and closed his eyes in wait.

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He wanted to be as indispensible to Mao as Mao was to him."It's not as strange as I thought it would be.""Really? It's okay.""Um, nothing.""Don't make me tickle it out of you, Mao-kun." The whole Tenimyu cast knew how helplessly ticklish their baby was."Don't! I'll be lucky if I don't come in my pants."You...would? This way you can learn from someone safe, and you'll know what to do in the future."The boy glanced away, then nodded. I want to learn." Pedophile, pedophile, God Dai-chan, why don't you start cruising playgrounds while you're at it? Daisuke leaned in and pressed a few slow kisses against his lips, then gently coaxed the mouth open.He looked at Kyousuke with what seemed to be simple concern. Kyousuke cutely bit his lower lip but otherwise seemed calm, even when Daisuke moved close enough for his breath to be felt."Ready to try? Very slowly, the elder moved in, his gaze absorbing every delicately lovely feature. Would you let me do this, if you knew it was for me more than Gii? " Daisuke asked, and briefly fancied he caught a hint of eagerness in the replying nod. "Okay, this time I'm going to lightly touch you while I do it. This was nothing like kissing a girl, no flood of perfume and slippery lipstick, just softness and a clean herbal smell that made him want to bury his nose in the sleek black hair.

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