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A user here described this as weird or that they felt weird wearing it and mentioned aliens.Another mentions the connection between this being a Virgo scent and both are correct!The edt the black bottle is almost the same but sexier and makes a perfect choice for the Summer, this one is heavier and suits the fall and winter!! I went around there yesterday and sprayed some on because I 'love' it. I bought some for my sister for Christmas two years ago. This should have been labelled as a unisex fragrance, since it's a bit too strong to be a women's fragrance.It's a weird pleasure - the florals and musk are really delicious, but something in it half smells like urine. I can't handle it for very long, so a few hours after spraying I'm usually regretting the choice. I didn’t know I’d come for it, and want it like I do. And I also think that this perfume has a similar vibe with Cartier declaration d'un soir (and it's a men's fragrance). This is so delicious I ordered the Musc oil to go with this.Online shops offers: Fragrance 25 items for 27.94 - 64.99 USDFragrance EUR 10 items for 29.33 - 77.20 EURFragrance 8 items for 34.19 - 89.99 2 items for 51.20 - 54.50 GBPStrawberry EUR 3 items for 81.50 - 103.00 EURView products...

The rose gives a hint of feminine floral freshness, but this is not a rosy fragrance. I do think I smell fresh and sweet wearing this perfume with the other layers, and a warm summer day or evening seems best for this fragrance. I have a hard time with Gardenia, it can go super sharp and screechy on me and sometimes, this one does.I smelled this before and it was recommended by someone at Sephora based on the description I provided but hesitated (I was at that time head over heels over a Capricorn and opted for Stella instead).This perfume is a must have - better described as a fresh, clean musk. I get all of the comments about play doh and synthetic smell but this is a well-balanced base. At times when I am running around this mixes with my body chemistry and creates something else...something unexpected but never loses the grip of the initial notes; clean and balanced.To my nose, it smells like clean warm skin and a bit of powder. Now I tested the Poudree version in store a few times in the last weeks and found it so nice that I remembered why I needed to have the white cube two years ago, and now I'm in love with that one again and wear it for the third day in a row. Lovely, lively, sweet but still fresh and dry, airy.

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Imagine a woman has come fresh out of the shower, applied her body lotion (nothing strong or obvious, just softly scented) she then puts on her makeup, and powders her face. Narciso EDP starts with toasty woody notes on top of the musk and gardenia. There is some mentholpowder in the top notes, similar to Biagiotti Roma, and I love that! The gardenia at the top makes it a bit sweet for me. This one is a bit stronger and if I mix it with a greener smelling perfume like Bvlgari's Jasmine Noir, the gardenia gets cut down a notch.This lasts on me for hours and heat intensifys it so for me I prefer to wear this in cool weather. I feel so girly and feminine when I wear his scents on top of that I think this perfume is just awesome. I absolutely love NRFR EDT and knew I had to try another fragrance from this designer. Creamy gardenia, clean musk, and toasted woods equal perfection.