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Ĩmpreună, ei vor trebui să înfrunte puternicele forţe ale celor Două Turnuri, aflate între Turnul Orthanc din Isengard, unde coruptul vrăjitor Saruman a ridicat o armată puternică de 10,000 de combatanţi şi fortăreaţa lui Sauron din Barad-dur, aflată pe pământul întunecat al Mordor-ului.“Stăpânul Inelelor: Cele două turnuri”, introduce noi personaje, cum sunt: Gollum.When Treebeard and his army of Entz tear down Isengard, the destruction and the battle is so immense in size, that you truly have to see to believe.In size and scale, Peter Jackson has truly redefined the word "epic" and he also pays attention to the small things that truly elevate this movie from great to amazing.

Tolkien, “Stăpânul Inelelor”, descrie lupta pentru posesia unui Inel periculos.

The Two Towers shows us that he is not a one-hit wonder, like so many directors are. Well this film has so many things going like the amazing Battle of Helms Deep.

I actually think that The Two Towers reaches the same level as the Fellowship of the Ring, and sometimes even surpasses it. Frodo and Sam journey to Mount Doom, to destroy the Ring.

However, it is reported that this particular color change came about when Orlando Bloom's blue contact lenses were forgotten during some of the shooting for this sequence.

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See more » Peter Jackson truly outdid himself when creating the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and he fails to disappoint us in the 2nd part of the Trilogy.

Crezând că îşi va găsi singur calea spre ea, Aragorn este constant bântuit de amintirile de dragoste pentru elfa Arwen (Liv Tyker) şi de pactul pe care ei doi îl făcuseră.

In 1978 they moved to Bella Vista, Arkansas, returning to Iowa and settling at Orchard View in Carroll in 1989. She was a member of the Orchard View Bible Study and the First United Methodist Church in Carroll.… continue reading »

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