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15-Sep-2017 16:30

R111 unless it's a different comment, it's still there for me - sounds quite entitled to - if you're going just go silently, basically only wanting positive feedback[QUOTE]I'm very confused by the hate..

especially this week when hate is the last thing we need.

I actually believe her same-sex attraction is genuine. They believe this will be the start of RJ and Will milking a leaked nude pix scandal publicity campaign. I think it's great that after five years we now have such a vast community of gays spouting off on youtube.

The femme-for-femme brigade has scored with this one as she actually looks like a girl who enjoys looking like a girl. As annoying as Matthew can be, personally I find him more palatable than Tyler who's doing everything in his power to stay relevant to his tween fangirls (and boys). But I guess people "of a certain age" are tired of it already.

Ethan and I don't need the pressure of not 'selling out' to add to all the chaos of moving / our transition. If you choose to 'unsub', please be respectful and do it quietly, no need to comment your final words.

However, if you choose to stay with us, know that it's not where we are, but it's what we are doing. When you open yourself up on Youtube and put your life on display, you also open yourself up to criticism.

I rather watch Mark and Ethan be genuine than trying to come off as diplomats. It's a wonderful city with a lot of genuine people. If the comments are "mythical" then why did Mark have to respond to them bemoaning the "hate"?

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I imagine that since he lives in West Hollywood it is easier to meet them there. But the hair, Oh my God, my great aunt Patience has better curls.

Now this will be interesting to see because they are clearly midwestern boys. That boy has raging hormones, that are perhaps muted in Ol' boring Indiana, but in LA he'll have access to prime A meat. The Frauge and Trannies are kicking RJ in the nuts, as we all said they would, look how some of them talk about him without #tagging him so the guy never finds out what his supposedly "viewers" say about him.