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and Todt, W., 1999: Characterization, provenance, and tectonic setting of Fig Tree greywackes from the Archaean Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa. P11 Chahi, A., Clauer, N., and Bouabdelli, M., 1999: Rare earth element distribution as tracer of the genetic relationship between smectite and palygorskite of marine phosphorites. and Todt, W., 1997: Zircon geochronology and geochemistry of mineralized (Be, Sn, Au) granites of SW Uganda. EA14 Toulkeridis, T.; Babinski, M.; Buchwald, R.; Neves, B. In: South American Symposium on Isotope Geology,2, 1999, Cordoba, Argentine: 453-458. Engineering geology for tomorrow’s cities The 10th IAEG Congress, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 6-10 September 2006 Abstract # 691. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research (Special Volume on Continental Ecuador volcanoes), 176: 163-169. and ., 2010: Widespread relics of high-pressure metamorphism confirm major terrane accretion in Ecuador: a new example from the Northern Andes. Example of the coastal Thau Pond (southern France). PROCAD – Programa de Capacitación Avanzada a Distancia para Guías Naturalistas del PNG (Parque Nacional Galapagos). and., Aguiar, R., Rivera, M, Gutiérrez, C., Balseca, W. A., Marrero, R., Melián, G, emission rate from the lake-filled Cuicocha and Pululagua calderas, Ecuador. (online version August 2010) P30 Eleazar Padrón, E., Hernández, P. M., and Clauer, N., 1996: Origin and temporal evolution of anthropogenic lead inputs in a lagoonal environment using lead isotope geochemistry. ., 2004: Mundo Físico – Geología y Volcanología de Galapagos (in Spanish) in CD format. 16th Colloquium of African Geology, Abstract Volume II, (ed. and ., 1993: The geodynamic evolution of the Proterozoic mobile belts of northern Malawi and southern Tanzania.

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L., 2000: A metallogenic evolution model for the lead-zinc deposits of the Meso and Neoproterozoic sedimentary basins of the São Francisco Craton, Bahia and Minas Gerais, Brazil.

D and ., 2006: Effect of thermal maturation on the K–Ar, Rb–Sr and REE systematics of an organic-rich New Albany Shale as determined by hydrous pyrolysis . P28 , Peucker-Ehrenbrink, B., Schidlowski, M., Kröner, A., Todt, W. Reporte técnico para el Ministerio de Electricidad y Energía Renovable. ., Aguiar, R., Rivera, M, Gutiérrez, C., Balseca, W.

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