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17-Oct-2017 17:44

The darkness made it difficult to get any definition of the article but could feel that the necklace contained some kind of jewel or pendant.

She was more than aware that she had not been wearing a necklace when she had entered the house.

Jake caught sight of Hailey and appeared taken aback by her prescience.

Brenda sensed a sudden nervousness in Jake's demeanour.

"I won't bite you know." Brenda was still watchful. Jake closed the door behind her which made her jump. "I've missed you," Jake said standing beside Brenda. He made no move towards her and she did not feel inclined to offer any solace herself. Pressed hard to her airways Brenda had no other option but to breathe in the vapour and in doing so lost her battle for instant freedom. She slowly raised her groggy head from the pillow and positioned herself to sit on the edge of the bed.

Brenda let out a despairing cry as she noticed that each of her nipples had been pierced.

She slowly placed each of her hands onto her breasts and ran her fingers over what appeared to be tiny bar shapes that appeared to be driven through each of her nipples.

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Brenda gave a tug at one of the bars but as with the necklace there appeared to be no way of removing the object.

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