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So I'm not too convinced by the idea, though it may well be possible.edit: Regarding the 'part-blood' thing, that was a translation slip-up on the part of the summarizer.Gotta love the trials..god Soul and Kilik were crazy cute, gendering bending is everywhere these days....and this comes just a week after I spent some time looking for gendering bending series as well. Index said something along the lines that in the first chapter of lust, it is natural that everyone in the room would switch to a body type of the opposing gender that attracts them.I'd count Excalibur as one of the eight, Free is also a possibility considering his immortality, but his role has been small enough to lower that chance quite a bit.

'Part-blood' was their translation, hence the impression that he's 'part' shinigami, part something else. Using second-hand info isn't the best idea, but felt like giving an initial reaction/ramble. I'm kinda impressed (also disturbed) how cute Killik and Black Star are, while alternatively, Tsubaki's attractiveness in male form somehow makes me like her even more as a woman. I feel it's a bit of a cop out that the blob thing only listed five, but presuming they correspond with the ones alive, then Order = Shinigami, Knowledge = Eibon, and Terror = Ashura, leaving Rage and Power for the one Kid met and the mystery last one.Hey guys, it seems that there are spoilers out for ch. You can check them out here, if you don't mind spoilers: seriously cannot wait for this chapter. D: So, people like genderbending that much that he goes and uses it? Oh, and no wonder Kid couldn't stand the state of the Book of Eibon with that daft kind of categorisation. Give him chaotic madness to deal with and he's screwed..suggestion from that summary that he even put up a fight. When he gets things right, 'we all know' it looks awesome. I didn't quite like the genderbending as much, as I thought I would. But other than Black Star, who hardly changed at all. And I can't wait to see the effects of the other 'sins'/'chapters' on the main characters.