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16-Nov-2017 22:06

Findings from Dataclysm: This is fascinating, and naturally leads one to ask ‘why’, along with several other questions and hypotheses about how men and women calculate attractiveness –Are the men on OKCupid just really unattractive? And a recent Kelton study about online dating helps us shed a little bit more light on some of the other questions (and a few others! But this is not the only driver – for men or women. On average, women use a more complex algorithm, taking into account over 10 factors when determining how attractive someone is (compared to the previous 6 for men).

On average, men take into account about 6 factors when determining the attractiveness level of someone, including non-physical features such as age (43%) personality (39%), the type of relationship they are looking for (37%).

Yet the same way people gravitate to distinct nightlife spots depending on their style, we’re seeing an explosion of niche dating apps all based on Tinder’s familiar swipes. Still, a few factors prevented them from getting especially large. And no matter what, many could only be used while you were home, which made them feel inherently lonely. Traditional dating has long depended on some overlap in your lives, whether that’s a place you frequent, a mutual friend, or a community you’re both part of.

Tinder brought ruthless efficiency to online dating. And they were ported or reinvented for the desktop web.

With time, I’d bet every discernible sub-culture will crave a Micro-Tinder of its own. That doesn’t mean Tinder isn’t trying to show you your type of people.

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But I think it’d be wise for Tinder parent company IAC to at least explore the idea of building its own Micro-Tinders, adding some more segmentation into its main app, or buying out specialty dating apps with strong growth and engagement.

By switching to Mongo DB, e Harmony reduced the time to match by 95% to under 12 hours.