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Devotees worship them as devtaya namaha (salutations to the lords or deities).In comparison, Shiva is always worshipped as Shiva Paramatmay Namaha (Salutations to God Shiva) and Om Namaha Shivay (I salute Shiva).

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The night of Brahma signifies the age of ignorance and unrighteousness in which God’s first and purest creation, Brahma and the Brahmins, are clouded by ignorance and vices.

This has been stated in detail in Gheranda Samhita l.10-11-12.

This is a total purification of all important and vital organs of the body such as stomach, small intestines, large intestines, nasal passage, food pipe, eyes, cars, throat, etc.

Here Ratri connotes that critical juncture in eternal world drama cycle when unrighteousness reaches its extreme and all human efforts to redeem the situation fail.

It’s a period of extreme sorrow and suffering when the vices (bad habbits) of ego, lust, anger and attachment rule human thoughts and actions.By becoming pure souls can become a great soul (mahatma), religious soul (dharamatma) and a divine or deity soul (devatmd) but they cannot become Supreme Soul i.e. Souls are the progeny and not a part of the Supreme Soul.

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