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CRAWFORD I don't expect him to talk to you, but I have to be able to say we tried... Chilton at the asylum will go over the physical procedures used with him.

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FBI ACADEMY GROUNDS, QUANTICO, VIRGINIA - DAY Crawford is watching a group of trainees on the firing range, as Clarice joins him. Between master and student, we sense a subtle, muted tug of sexuality. CLOSE ON A guest room door, with a small, wired pack attached to its knob. She shoulders aside the shattered door and rushes inside, gun at the ready in both hands... HOTEL ROOM - DAY CLARICE'S POV - MOVING - as she first sees, sitting on the edge of a bed - a FEMALE HOSTAGE. Suddenly we hear a metallic CLICK, which registers with unnatural amplification, as - Clarice reacts, drops to the floor, rolling sideways, and - THE "HOSTAGE" pulls a revolver out from behind her back, still in SLOW MOTION, raising it in her untied hands. JOHN BRIGHAM walks onto this set, thumbing a stopwatch. His T-shirt's lettering says "Firearms Instructor / FBI Academy." BRIGHAM Starling's reaction time was excellent. Clarice nods amiably to the "Suspect", then gives her "Hostage" a hand up. Her broad, clever face breaks into a big smile, as they both remove ear plugs.